Blueberry CBD Vape Cartridge

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High quality cannabis oil, co2 extracted Palm Trees Blueberry CBD Vape Cartridge.

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Palm Trees Blueberry CBD Vape Cartridge, is 100% certified organic cannabis distilled oil.

3 reviews for Blueberry CBD Vape Cartridge

  1. Johnny

    It lasts quite a while as well if you use it moderately. This flavor rocks, I am seriously amazed at how good it is. If you love fruity flavored vape products, this one is definitely one you should try out.

  2. Tina B

    Love the flavor. Tasted really good and the pen itself was very easy to use. I was worried that it wouldn’t work or something or would be hard to operate. Not the case with this. Very easy and user-friendly.

  3. Josiah R

    So it started off by my girlfriend smelling the vape and then she wanted to try it, now she loves it because of the flavor. I ordered her one as well so that way she would stop using mine ha.

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